Elmo Calls Відгуки

Love it but

I love the app but I’m 9 and you need to up the security on the parents section all you have to do is type the number above and I’m worried that one of the kiddos I babysit could easily get in and purchase packs but I love the app so much and this is a whole lot better than outfit7 apps (sorry Tom) I love the app And I love that you can get a free call pack instead of having to pay for all of the packs you guys are awesome but there is one problem I don’t mind it sending me notifications for the scheduled calls but that doesn’t mean it can wake me up at 10:00 at night well that was really my fault cause I set the time wrong just a suggestion though otherwise I love the app and i can’t believe I’m saying this but I actually don’t mind spending my allowance on a call pack every couple of months cus I is so much fun so yeah bye

Great app

I would like a feature where you call Elmo and he doesn’t answer and it goes to voicemail. My son loves it and it would be he best way to get him off of it.


I used to love this app when I was little I just wanted to check and see how the process is and tell Elmo it’s your old friend

Could be great...not there yet

I got this app to encourage my 3-year old to potty train. She loves it when Elmo calls to remind her to potty, but the scheduler won’t let me set up recurring calls during the day. One scheduled call a day doesn’t cut it. Every 30 minutes I have to open the app, turn the volume all the way down so that she doesn’t hear the home screen music (she’s on to me already), type in the “for grownups” code, and select the call I want. All day. She loves it, and I am growing to hate it.

I pay for this app

My son just gets bored so fast. I thought that there was more activities.


My one year old is obsessed with Elmo he loves this app!

Not worth $1.99

Elmo calls 3 diffrent phone calls and all the same

Elmo Call

This app is made for four year olds and older . My grandson loved it as a baby when he was able to crawl . Now he is two and Elmo is one of his favorite friends he makes time for to answer his call . He get more phone calls from Elmo in a short period time than I get on my cell phone all week long .

So fun!!

My 21 mo old thinks this is the best thing ever!


😭crap 💩

It's just ok

My toddler loves Elmo and this app has some great "calls" from Elmo. Only a couple of complaints. First - I can't access the parent potion that supposedly allows you to schedule calls from Elmo. It won't let me type the code from my phone or iPad. Please fix that! Also, would love if there are some new calls added, I don't think there have been any updates in a while.

Scheduled calls don't work

I like this app and so does my daughter but spent money on the pack of daily activities so I could schedule a bedtime call but it doesn't work.

My girl sat still!

She actually sat still while eating her dinner!


Daughter loves this app. Could use more calls, tho.

Great app

My daughter love this app, she's a big sesame place fan. This app actually helps me out a lot once my daughter starts her tantrum she'll forget why she's crying once she Elmo voice. Lol , overall this is a great app for kids. I recommend this app for anyone.

Perfect for toddlers

My girls LOVE that they get "calls" from Elmo!

Fun app for kids!

Very cute interface - just like FaceTime!

Fun app

My 3 yo enjoys it and my 9 month old is able to have fun w it too!! What a great idea 😊😊😊


Both my kids love this app! I love that it doesn't require data or have in app purchases!

So cute!

My baby girl just lights up when Elmo calls. I love the little box on the screen to show her reactions to Elmo's silliness. Love this app!


My toddler loves this app!

Super cute!

My grandson loves this app and I do too! When I hear the music, I smile.

Simple and easy to use

My daughter loved it. Great for little ones to learn FaceTime.

My son loves it

Entertain him non stop

Great fun

My son loves this app. It is not able to update for the past two weeks and we are not able to use it now.

Elmo Calls

Fun for toddler. Love Elmo!

Not what expected

To pay $1.99 for an app that repeats the same things over and over is just annoying at best. No updates to the app everything is an up charge and I'm not going to keep paying when it's a broken record. My daughter loves Elmo, this was a let down.


My one year old granddaughter love it but she it but she keeps hanging up on Elmo by mistake and it makes her really mad!

Love this app

My baby loves this app

How a 4 year rates this

This Elmo game didn't let me talk. It only let Elmo talk. (A four year old wrote this -so there you have it).

Elmo Calls

My two-year-old is crazy about Elmo. He loves receiving calls from Elmo. I love the fact that the calls rotate. This app is fantastic!



Awesome but maybe too simplistic


My son loves this

My son's face lights up when Elmo calls

Ignore my last review

Took 2 days, but someone got back to me and told me how to fix the issue!!! Actually, my 3 y/o lives this app and we love that we are able to get scheduled calls now!

Elmo Calls

This app is junk. We paid the full price to get all the Elmo add-ons....we scheduled the calls for bedtime and Elmo never called. What a let-down. We wrote to let them know that it did not work, even after we kept trying to to change the time to a later time hoping the phone would ring...we want a full refund and have yet to hear back from this junky app- save your money!!!!

Worst app ever

The worst app we ever have!! This app is a lame as there is no point in it! You waste your kids' time and your time and your money. My kids get bored with this app in less than 2 minutes and they told me this app is a lame. Tried to contact the customer service to get my money back but nobody responded!

One of the BEST!

I use it in a children's er it is one of the best apps for children there is!! We put stitches in a 2 yr old with out meds looking at this app!! Great job!!!

It sucks

I hate you and you should be able to actually talk to Elmo and also 22222221111111

Elmo FaceTime

Awesome app , my child enjoys it very much.



My daughter loves Elmo

Such a cute app

Love the app but it's nickel and dime you...

It's great! My kid absolutely loves it and it has a great variety of calls...if you pay for them. The free ones repeat frequently.

Cute but you pay more than initial fee

This super cute and my toddler loves it however you only get 9 different calls with you initial purchase and then you have to buy more call packages. Wished it had more variety. Also the voice only calls are unnecessary. Toddlers want the video ones

Elmo Calls

My granddaughter loves to call and FaceTime with Elmo! Great app!

Landscape mode

My son loves this app, the only thing I would ask for right now is a landscape mode for iPad. Thanks!


My cousin loves it!😀

Fun but

This a very fun thing for kids to enjoy, and ive no issue paying 1.99 for it. But wish we didnt have to pay for everything else, 0.99 cents adds up.

My kids love it !!

It's perfect on so many levels !!

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